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I Can Statements

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I Can Statements

This sheet is full of I can statements. It is a great tool for the student to be accountable for their learning. They can check off each element as they accomplish it. They can also set goals as to what they need to learn before this unit is complete. Kids will learn to reflect more on their learning. The goals for this unit are as follows.

1 I can identify various push and pulls as a force and name            many real life situations where force is  used.  2  I can identify what friction is and provide examples of           how friction works.  3  I can identify when friction can be helpful and when it can           be a problem.  4  I can identify situations/examples of when a force is balanced           and when it is unbalanced.  5  I can explain how force changes speed and direction.   6  I can make reasonable predictions about the direction that           objects will move. 
7 I can show how  greater forces cause objects to go farther.  8   I can explain how magnets work and I can predict what is            attracted to a magnet and what is not.  9   I can explain what will happen when two objects contact            each other with force.  10  I can explain the cause and e?ect relationship based on a             variety of forces. 

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