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Finish the News Story

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Finish the News Story

A teachable activity for your grade 8's as they explore media. This will give them practice in using the pyramid method as they write their news stories.

The following statements are fictional. Your task is to write a fictional news story that includes a lead, body and a tail with all the essential details a reader would look for. Make it engaging.

1 Few escape in museum fire that kills 74.

2 World Health Organization announce potential for pandemic after discovering a novel virus in ______

3 New drug discovered by Hector Osoplane cures the common cold.

4 Man discovers missing ship, ‘The Santa Maria’ after reading over Christopher Columbus’ journals.

5 Moving microbes found by astronauts visiting Mars suggesting aliens may be real.

6 Three extremely dangerous prisoners escaped from Quantico Prison.

7 Newly discovered truth serum will be tried on accused during murder trial.

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