Figurative Language Quiz Worksheets
Figurative Language Quiz()

Figurative Language Quiz

A 4th and 5th grade quiz to determine understanding of figures of speech.
Reasons for the answers may vary somewhat but students should have the general idea of what each term means.

1. The stars winked at me from the moonlit sky. Personification, the stars are given the human quality –winking.
2.My new phone takes fits every time I try to use it. Personification, the phone is given the human quality—taking fits.
3.Your instructions were as clear as mud. Simile, comparing unrelated things.
4. You are my ray of sunshine! Metaphor, compares un-related things without using ‘like’ or ‘as’.
5. Twist my rubber arm! Idiom, can not be taken literally, not predictable by the words written.
6. Life is a roller coaster! Metaphor, compares un-related things that aren’t alike and doesn’t use ‘like’ or ‘as’.
7. My sisters fight like cats and dogs! Simile or Idiom, compares two different / unrelated things but uses the word like.
8. My coach has a real chip on his shoulder. Idiom, can not be taken literally.
9. The old haunted house on the corner appeared sad. Personification a house can’t be sad. Sad is a human quality.
10. He is suffering from a broken heart. Metaphor, he is sad but doesn’t really have a broken hear—suffering and broken heart
aren’t really related.

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