Feeling Writing Prompts Worksheets
Feeling Writing Prompts()

Feeling Writing Prompts

Feeling writing and journal prompts:
Write about how you would feel and why:

Your family and friends all forgot your birthday.
Your friend copied your homework.
You lost one of your shoes and they were expensive.
You just found out your family won the lottery.
You lost a friend?s favorite toy.
Your mother is very upset over something you shouldn?t have done.
Your best friend is ignoring you.
Your mom and dad just told you how proud they are of you.
Some of your friends called you a mean name.
Your friend is being bullied by somebody you?re afraid of.
Your teacher is keeping you in for a detention.
You lost a bet with your friend.
Your neighbor thanks you for helping with his yard work.
You did really well in track and field.
You just finished reading a book that had a sad ending.
You got a new pet that you?ve wanted for a long time.
You saw a friend take something belonging to another friend.
Your sister just tattled on you.
Your knocked your mom?s cup over and it broke.
You found out you have to change schools.
Your best friend is moving far away.
You just got a new bike.

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