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Fake News Worksheet()

Fake News Worksheet

Fake News Worksheet For Google Apps

Fake News Worksheet

Since 2016, there has been an increased concern about false news stories. This increased concern also corresponds to the term ?Fake News?. It has been said that over 60 percent of American adults get their news on social media. Now, more than ever, there?s a need to be a skeptic and not so trusting of news that is
generated to mislead its readers, especially when this news is posted and shared through social media. Everyone needs to be knowledgeable about the media and its influences. Answer the questions below:
? Describe in your own words what ?Fake News? is.

?List as many sources of news as you can (print, digital, televised?):

? What sources do you use for news?

? List the sources of news you use in order, based on how reliable you think they are. Explain why you feel some of these sources are more reliable than other sources.

? Explain the difference between a fact and a value claim or judgement in the news.

? How can you determine the accuracy of a statement in the news?

? What do you believe is the purpose of posting and sharing fake news?

? What are the potential problems and consequences of sharing and spreading fake

? How can you avoid being fooled by fake news?

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