Quiz on Erosion, Deposition Worksheets
Quiz on Erosion, Deposition()

Quiz on Erosion, Deposition

Look at these landforms. Riverbeds, mudslides, rock arches and cliffs. How were they formed? Weathering? Deposition or Erosion? Do your kiddos understand the difference. On this worksheet students will find 10 landforms. Write the landform on the sheet beside the appropriate reason they exist. This printable will be a great activity for your 1st, 2nd or 3rd graders. It is an exercise that would be ideal for collaboration with a peer. In some cases there will be more than one answer. They will learn how to work with a friend and understand that other people might have a different point of view/answer and they have to respect that. Students will learn science and practice their verbal communication as well.

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