Earth Processes Experiments Worksheets
Earth Processes Experiments()

Earth Processes Experiments

Here is a great list of ideas to help students better understand the process of weathering, erosion and deposition for the next generation science standards for 2nd grade.
Depending on the materials available to you, you may wish to set up stations to mimic
erosion and weathering. The examples below will help guide you. Use the inquiry graphic
organizer to have students determine what they think will happen before performing the
1. Fill shallow containers with sand, have students use straws to create wind erosion—
sand dunes.
2. Fill shallow containers with sand, have students use a blow dryer to simulate wind
3. With shallow containers of sand, slowly pour water through to watch it erode the sand.
4. Use sugar cubes and water to show how water breaks down rocks.
5. Make soil hills or sand hills outside, use a watering can to show how the water erodes
the sand/soil.
6. Fill a shallow container with mud and leave in the sun. (cracks—weathering)
7. Describe how sucking on a candy is similar to weathering/erosion. (breaks down/
dissolves and moves to the tummy.)
8. Describe what happens to trails and paths over ????me as people walk on them. Discuss
how this is similar to weathering.
9. Have students select a land form formed by erosion and or weathering and build it out
of available materials.
9. Take some chalk and put it into a non breakable container. Put some stones in the jar
and shake, watch what happens to the chalk. (weathering)
10. Take some chalk and put it into a non breakable container with some sand and some
water. Shake and watch what happens. (weathering and erosion) You can do this with
Tums or Rolaids if chalk isn’t available.
11. Find images online of various land forms and impact of natural disasters and have the
students brainstorm what process was involved and how long it may have taken.

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