Earth and Space Vocab 1 Worksheets
Earth and Space Vocab 1()

Earth and Space Vocab 1

Earth and Space Vocab 1 For Google Apps

Earth and Space Vocab 1

This is a list of important vocabulary for your 5th graders as they study the unit on the solar system. It is a great resource to have as they learn about the earth and space. Great printable to have as a resource to study for tests.

asteroids—rocky, metallic objects that orbit the sun but are too small to be considered a planet
axis—the imaginary line that passes through the center of the planet from one pole to another pole
comet– a ball of ice and rock that orbits the sun
constellation—an arrangement of stars in the sky
crater—large hole in the ground that is shaped like a bowl
eclipse– astronomical event when a moon or planet passes between another planet, moon or a star
equinox — the time or date when there are equal amounts of daylight and nighttime
galaxy– a small part of the milky way, gas, stars and a large collection of dust
gravity– a force or a pull between two objects, there’s greater pull with a larger mass
luminous—light given off by the stars/sun
meteoroid—small metallic objects that orbit the sun (when one hits earth, it’s called a meteorite)
milky way– the galaxy that contains our solar system
orbit– the repeating path an object takes around another object
phase– the shape of the part of the moon that is illuminated or not (when it’s in a new phase)
planet—large object of matter that revolves around (orbit) the sun (star)
revolution—one complete orbit of earth around the sun is called a revolution
rotation—a complete rotation on Earth’s tilt that takes one full day
solar system— the planets, the moons, meteoroids, and other objects that revolve around the sun
solstice— a solstice occurs twice a year when the days have the longest amount of daylight and again when the days have the shortest amount of daylight.
star– a giant object made of gases in space that will produce its own heat and light, the sun is a star
tides—the rise and fall of the ocean (water level) due to the moon’s gravity
tilt—it is the earth’s tilt on its axis that causes the seasons as it orbits around the sun

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