Earth and Space Task Card List Worksheets
Earth and Space Task Card List()

Earth and Space Task Card List

Earth and Space Task Card List For Google Apps

Earth and Space Task Card List

Task cards allow students to work at their own pace. They give info in small chunks and help students stay engaged in their learning. This is a summary for the teacher of the task cards for the solar system unit.

1) Invent three new  mnemonics  to remember the planets and their order from the sun. A popular one is: My Very Educated Mother Just Sat Upon Nests. (It used to be Pink nests when Pluto was considered one of the main planets.)
2) Explain what the impact of daily rotating on earth’s axis is vs the annual orbiting of earth around the sun.
3) Explain why a year on other planets isn’t the same as a year on Earth.
4) Explain how the tilt of earth affects direct sunlight on Earth in various locations. (Equator, poles, northern and southern hemisphere).
5)A friend tells you that the moon illuminates just like the sun does. Design a diagram with descriptions to explain why the moon does not illuminate like the sun.
6)Make a model / mobile of one of the following:
The Solar System
How day and night happens in your hemisphere
How the seasons occur in your hemisphere
The phases of the moon as it revolves around Earth
A lunar or solar eclipse
7)Write a letter to somebody who lived long ago and who thought the world was flat. Explain using evidence from what you have learned about earth and space to convince this person that the earth is round.
8)What time is it here now? What time is it at a location of your choosing on the other side of the ocean? Explain why there are different times in different locations.
9)Create a travel brochure to convince tourists to come to the planet of your choosing.
10)Could there be life on another planet? List 5 reasons for or against why there could or couldn’t be life on another planet.
11)Research a planet and provide 10 facts about it including how the planet got its name.
12)Explain why the amount of daylight changes over the period of a year.
13)Write 6 questions to an astronaut.
14)Create a diagram or a model to show that the earth’s tilt cause the seasons.
15)Use your city to look up the times of sunrises and sunsets for the past 3 months. Describe the pattern of sunsets and sunrise times and explain the reason for these changes.
16)Use a diagram to show and explain why the poles are so cold. Also show when each pole is its coldest and its warmest.
17)In your own words, what does this statement means: “Earth is spinning and orbiting at the same time”. How would you demonstrate this using balls and a flashlight?
18)Describe everything that is going on in this image.
19)For one month, look at the moon each night and draw its shape on a calendar.
20)Explain how the shape of the Earth causes different temperatures from the equator to the poles.
21)The sun appears to travel across the sky. However, explain what is really happening.
22)Research the 8 planets and make a chart similar to the one below.
23)Nature has many repeating patterns (rock cycles, life cycles) explain how there are many patterns that repeat in space as well.
24)Explain how the rotation of earth causes shadows to change from morning, noon to the end of the school day. Use a model or diagrams.
25)Pretend you are traveling to another planet. Decide which planet it is, make a list of everything you will need to bring with you and design the picture of what will take you there.

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