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I Can Statements

This resource is a summary of what children should know by the time they complete this unit. It gives expectations so teachers know knowledge they need to share.

? I can explain how day and night happens and I can explain
when and why there are more hours of daylight in some seasons / geographical areas and less in others.
? I can explain how the seasons happen.
? I can describe how the planets move along a path.
? I can identify the phases of the moon and explain why
they happen.
? I can explain how and why shadows change through the day
? I can explain why there is a sunrise and a sunset.
? I can describe the planet’s relative position to earth and the
sun and compare and contrast them to earth.
? I can recognize that the sun and stars are light sources but
the moon and planets are not and that the moon reflects light.
? I can describe and model how the earth spins at the same time that it revolves around the sun.
? I can make an argument for whether life could occur or not on
other planets.

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