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Cause and Effect Quiz

Cause and Effect Quiz For Google Apps

Cause and Effect Quiz

Don't reinvent the wheel. This quiz is already made for you to test your students knowledge on the solar system. Match the cause and effects. Place the letter of the effect beside the appropriate cause.

Moon’s Gravity____
Sun’s gravitational pull and inertia___
Earth rotating on its axis ___
Closest to the sun____
Farthest from the sun____
Helium and Hydrogen Fusion ____
Earth’s revolution around the sun____
Orbiting moon ____
Earth rotating on it axis____
Passage of time on sunny days____
Moon between sun and earth____
Stars that are closer to earth ____
Earth rotating from west to east____
Pole locations ____
Meteorite hitting earth____
Gravity and inertia____
Sun, Earth and Moon line up ____
Planets farther from the sun ____

Hottest planet—Mercury
Longer years
Holds solar system together
Tilt of the Earth
Rising and Falling Sea Levels
Earth revolving around the sun
Day and night
Coldest planet—Neptune
Day and night are equal length
Moon phases
Appearance of sun rising and setting
Changing shadows and positions
An eclipse
Brighter in the sky
Sunrise and sunset
A year
Cooler temperatures
Heat and energy from the sun
Highest tides

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