Quiz for Earth's Spheres Worksheets
Quiz for Earth's Spheres()

Quiz for Earth's Spheres

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Quiz for Earth's Spheres

This activity is a fill in the blank quiz for grade 4-6 learning about the Earth's spheres. Students need to read the sentences and fill in the blanks with which sphere is applicable to the clue.

1. Water evaporates from the ___________________________ and rises into the


2. The ___________________________provides oxygen for living organisms and
helps regulate temperatures in the ___________________________________.

3. Living organisms in the _____________________________ use water from the
___________________________________________ for drinking, bathing and
growing food.

4. The ___________________________________________ is made up of gases
released from the Earth's crust in the_________________________________.

5. Plants and animals in the _____________________________rely on resources
from the Earth's crust such as soil and minerals from the


6. The ________________________ is responsible for regulating temperatures and providing oxygen for living organisms in ______________________________.

7. Living organisms from the ______________________________use water from
the ______________________________________ for drinking, bathing and
growing food.

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