The Surface of the Earth Worksheets
The Surface of the Earth()

The Surface of the Earth

Help students learn about the surface of the earth with this fill in the blank (cloze) activity for 2nd and 3rd grade. A great teaching unit on the earth's processes. The surface on earth is always changing. Moving wind, water and plants help to
shape and change the earth’s surface. Some of these changes occur very slowly
over millions of years. Erosion, deposition and weathering takes many years to
wear land away and create many of earth’s land forms like valleys, canyons, deltas,
cliffs, shorelines and caves. Other events like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis,
and floods happen very quickly, some????mes in just a few hours. These events also
shape and change the surface on earth. Earthquakes shake the land and cause
damage by cracking the land. Deep inside the earth, there is a lot of hot, melted
rock. Some????mes, the melted rock which is called lava will move up through the
cracks in earth’s surface and cause lots of damage and changes on the surface of
earth. Some processes shape the land quickly and some processes shape the land
slowly but the surface of earth is always changing.

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