Digestive System Comprehension Activity Worksheets
Digestive System Comprehension Activity()

Digestive System Comprehension Activity

Digestive System Comprehension Activity For Google Apps

Digestive System Comprehension Activity

Your cells need energy in order for your body to function. The food you eat provides the nutrition for your body to stay healthy. Use this worksheet to provide information on the digestive system. Questions follow below.

Your body, specifically, your cells needs energy to function and to do all the things you do in a day. The energy you need comes from the food you eat, which acts like fuel for your body. Food provides you with nutrition that helps you grow, stay healthy and help your body regenerate cells for ones that wear out. The parts of your body that help you break down the food you eat and turn it into fuel for your body is called the digestive system. Your body can’t use food until it changes it to a liquid so that your blood can carry the nutrients from the food to the various cells in your body. To do this, your digestive system has a very important role to play. Your digestive system is at work from the time you eat something until the time you excrete it. It begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. Parts of your digestive system includes the stomach and the intestines. If you traced your food down the digestive tract from the time it entered your mouth, the journey would include traveling from the mouth to the throat, down the esophagus, through to the stomach then the small intestine to the large intestine onward to your rectum! Each part of your digestive system has a role to play. Your mouth will chew the food with help from your saliva and teeth which then it gets swallowed by your throat. From there, it gets passed down to your esophagus which transports your food through the neck and chest to the stomach. The stomach continues to break the food down while combining it with acids and enzymes before sending it to the small intestine to have it absorb all the nutrients from it. Then, the leftovers travel to the large intestine where it takes most of the water from the food and turns it in to solid waste to be taken to the rectum for
excretion. The digestive tract is also aided by the liver and the pancreas which are next to the stomach and also help to break food down. All living organisms produce waste, the human body is a living organism, therefore it must eliminate waste as it uses energy. All the nutrients coming from your digestive system are then passed through your blood vessels (circulatory system) to all the cells throughout your body which draw energy from the nutrients from the food you ate!

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