Digestive System Teaching Activity Worksheets
Digestive System Teaching Activity()

Digestive System Teaching Activity

Digestive System Teaching Activity For Google Apps

Digestive System Teaching Activity

The digestive system is made up of many organs. There is a huge process that happens once you put that piece of food in your mouth. In this exercise students will look at the description given and draw a line to the corresponding organ.

I am the large intestine and I help to remove the solid waste to be excreted.

I am the esophagus and I bring the food from the mouth to the stomach.

I am the liver, I add digestive fluids to help break down the food.

I am the stomach and the food travels to me after leaving the esophagus.

I am the small intestine and I absorb the nutrients and fluids from the food.

I am the mouth, digestion begins with me.

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