Debate Teaching Ideas and Questions Worksheets
Debate Teaching Ideas and Questions()

Debate Teaching Ideas and Questions

Hearing and listening are two different things, ask students why it?s
critically important to both listen and hear during a debate.
Think of a controversial issue that is going on at home or school right now and write as much as you know from both sides of the controversy.
Brainstorm the skills necessary to have a strong debate.
Why is it important to research both sides of a debate topic?
Why is it important to have proof when debating a topic?
Why is it important to have both opinions and facts during a debate?
What is the difference between and debate and an argument?
What are the benefits of debating?
How can you prepare for a debate?
Look at the debate topic list, prepare 6 points for each side (for and against).
What is an effective rebuttal?
Why are persuasive skills necessary in a debate?
How can you research and prepare for a debate?
What are the skills required to debate?
How can you improve debating skills?
What presentation skills are necessary for effective debating?
Research famous debates.
Look through the media and find controversial issues that would make good debate topics and list 10.
What is the importance of presidential debates?

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