A Debate Format Worksheets
A Debate Format()

A Debate Format

An example of a classroom debate format.
The chairperson will welcome the audience and introduce what the debate topic is. The chairperson will then introduce each member on each team. The chairperson will introduce each speaker as they take the stand. ( ?I now call upon the first speaker of the affirmative team.? ?I now call upon the first speaker of the negative?? etc.) When complete, the chairperson will call upon the judge/judges for feedback. The chairperson then lets everyone know when the debate has concluded and thanks everyone for attending.
Teams/Speakers T
First Affirmative 3 minutes 3 minutes
Second Affirmative 3 minutes
Second Negative 3 minutes
Break to prepare for rebuttals and summaries 10 mins
Negative Summary/Rebuttal 3 minutes
Affirmative Summary/Rebuttal 3 minutes

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