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Use this tool for your 7th graders when you teach language. Can they determine what punctuation is needed where? Can they find the possessive nouns?

Easily confused words:
1. “Let me advice/advise you for the final time, do not interrupt me
2. I have already/all ready studied for my math exam.

Correct the sentence: sister who woke up early this morning said I had the strangest dream early this morning.
2.I never have dreams anymore I said but when I was young i used to have nightmares

Parts of Speech Find the possessive nouns
1. The orange ball in that pile is my dog’s ball.
2. I am finding the sun’s rays to be very hot today.

Simile or Personification:
1. Time flies when you’re having fun!
2. You’re as fit as a fiddle!

Correct Spelling is:
1. committed or commited
2. disappoint or dissapoint

True or False:
1. Quotation marks always come in pairs.
2. Apostrophes are never used to form possessives of nouns.

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