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Language Quizzes

Your student will be quizzed on many areas of language. Do they know where proper punctuation belongs? What is a simile and metaphor? Do they know easily confused words?

Easily confused words:
1. We are getting a new school principle/principal next year.
2. How did you acquire/aquire that nasty looking burn on your hand.

Correct the sentence:
1. This Song is dedicated to my friends janine and james?
2. In the year 1942 christopher columbus sailed the ocean Blue.
3. Today miss clarks class takes it’s state tests

Parts of Speech Find the collective nouns
1. The choir sang those songs beautifully at the concert last night.
2. Why is their a large crowd in the parking lot?

Simile or Metaphor:
1. She is a walking dictionary.
2. My brother is such a couch potato!

Correct Spelling is:
1. reccommend or recommend
2. seperate or separate

True or False:
1. A comma can be used to place a pause between two clauses in a sentence.
2. Exclamatory sentences always end with a period.

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