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This printable contains many areas of the language curriculum. Why not test your kids with this ready made quiz?

Easily confused words:
1. I wonder if having blue eyes is a dominant/dominate trait or recessive
2. If you want help dyeing/dying your hair tonight, I am happy to help.

Correct the sentence:
1. My office is on the corner of main street and elm street which is just around the corner from your office
2. The school policy is quite clear all students must register to attend

Parts of Speech Find the verbs in the sentences:
1. He interviewed 22 individuals for the position of our coach.
2. Jared reached for the largest beach ball in the shop.

Idiom or Personification:
1. The stars winked at us as we walked in darkness.
2. I really have to hit the books hard for my next test.

Correct Spellings
1. diffrence / difference
2. camaflage / camouflage

True or False:
1. A compound sentence is made up of one independent clause. It’s made up of two that are connected.
2. Parenthesis can be used to indicate additional information to the reader.

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