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Language Quizzes

This resource is for language in 7th, 8th and 9th grade classes. It is a free printable for teachers and homeschoolers.

Easily confused words:
1. Pedals, gears and handlebars are all discrete/discreet parts of a bike.
2. Her glasses served a dual/duel purpose, they help her to see better
and they transition to filter out the sun’s rays.

Correct the sentence:
1. stan has many fish in his new aquarium
2. i had to work an eleven-hour shift at the restaurant yesterday

Parts of Speech Find the prepositions in the sentences:
1. Between you and I, I think Ben will win this one.
2. My dental appointment is at 3:00 PM
3. I always wash my hair in the morning.

Personification or Hyperbole :
1. Their news of engagement took me by surprise.
2. Her grin was a mile wide.

Correct Spellings
1. immitate / imitate
2. calendar / calender

True or False:
1. Each paragraph needs to express a complete thought or idea.
2. Canada, Joe, Town Council are all examples of collective nouns. (proper nouns)

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