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Teach your students about punctuation and parts of speech. A worksheet with various language parts to practice.

Easily confused words:
1. Will you give me the serial / cereal number from the back of your
2. I gave the students the cue/queue when it was time to start singing.

Correct the sentence:
1. When the audience cheered the band began to play
2. If I won the lottery I would buy green haven Golf course.

Parts of Speech Find the conjunctions in the sentences:
1. You’ll need to practice all day if you want to perform well tomorrow.
2. “I love playing my guitar”. Therefore, I practice every day.”
3. Make your bed and tidy your room.

Idiom or Metaphor:
1. What a roller-coaster of a weekend it was!
2. She really rubs me the wrong way.

Correct Spellings
1. dilema / dilemma
2. experience / experiance

True or False:
1. Every sentence has a subject and a predicate.
2. A period is used to separate items dates and addresses. (A comma is used, June 2, 1993, 5 Main Street, Cleveland, Ohio)

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