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Language Quizzes

This worksheet provides you with an assessment of your students language skills. It is a great tool for grades 7-9 homeschoolers as well.

Easily confused words:
1. I received a very nice compliment / complement about my new outfit.
2. With who/whom are you attending the prom with?

Correct the sentence:
1. think for a moment about phones latest accessories
2. james Pattersons stories are riveting but lee Child’s are really great too

Parts of Speech Find the prepositions in the sentences:
1. I prefer to exercise in the gym.
2. He hopped across the puddle.

Idiom or Personification:
1. The tree limb groaned when the lightning hit it.
2. What a green thumb you have! You can grow anything.

Correct Spellings
1. category / catagory
2. grateful / gratefull

True or False:
1. A declarative sentence makes a request. (it makes a statement)
2. An imperative sentence gives a command or makes a request.

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