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This worksheet will give your students practice with different parts of language. Test their skills on the following:

Easily confused words:
1. That was a grisly/grizzly sight, watching the snake swallow that bird.
2. Hordes/hoards of students were protesting the longer school day.

Correct the sentence:
According to current statistics hepatitis B is the most common infectious disease in the world affecting some 2 billion people
Well if you really want my opinion I will give it to you

Parts of Speech Find the adjectives in the sentences:
1. That text was extremely difficult.
2. Jasmine made me extremely angry last weekend.

Hyperbole or Personification:
1. My friend Jared never stops talking.
2. The ocean waves lashed out at the surf boarders.

Correct Spellings
1. plagiarize / plagarize
2. intelligence / inteligence

True or False:
1. Common nouns begin with a lower case letter.
2. Person is an example of a collective noun. (collective nouns refer to groups, people, flock, bunch)

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