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This is a useful resource for the grade 8 teacher. It is a language quiz and also has the answer page attached.
Easily confused words:

1. I always cover my bike with a canvas/canvass strip when it rains.
2. I can chord/cord along on the guitar if you can sing the songs.

Correct the sentence:
1. My patio, shaded by the many trees, stays cool on the hot days.
2.I have a new hobby, quilting.

Parts of Speech Find the pronouns in the sentences:
1. Anyone who calls on you will be turned away.
2. This is Jan’s bike; that is Ben’s.

Alliteration or Simile:
1. You’re as courageous as a lion. S
2. Sally sells seashells by the seashore. A

Correct Spellings
1. repetition / repition
2. wierd / weird

True or False:
1. A gerund is a type of comma. F (A gerund is a verb that ends in ing and used the same way a noun is used: Jane loves jogging.)
2. A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. T

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