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Language Quizzes

Use these language quizzes daily to give your students practice with many parts of our language. From confusing words to correct spelling.
Easily confused words:
1. I waited with bated/baited breath on the outcome of the race.
2. I need to get the brakes/breaks repaired on my bike.

Correct the sentence:
1. Mrs Jones my teacher will be away at a conference in New York all next week
2. Bill’s dog an irish terrier always attracts a lot of attention when he walks it.

Parts of Speech Find the concrete nouns in the sentences:
1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
2. My skin is really dry.

Hyperbole or Personification:
1. You snore louder than a jet engine.
2. The stars danced across the midnight sky.

Correct Spellings
1. tomatoes / tomatos
2. sieze / seize

True or False:
1. I will walk with you on Tuesday. The underlined verb tense is and example of a future tense.
2. They giggled quite loudly. The underlined word is an example of a transitive verb. (it is an example of an intransitive verb, as it does not have a direct object.)

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