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Try these language quizzes with your 9th graders. Can they determine the correct spelling, whether it is an idiom or a hyperbole?
Easily confused words:
1. Shall/will I bring you some extra bottled water?
2. Everyone agreed to sign the contract except/accept for Sue and Joe.

Correct the sentence:
1. I remembered the bakery shop owners advice and used less yeast in my recipe
2. The beatles Alice in Chains No Doubt and creed are all famous bands

Parts of Speech Find the proper nouns:
1. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean.
2. I heard there was an earthquake in Thailand.
3. Aunt Doris is coming over later today.

Idiom or Hyperbole:
1. Your backpack weighs a tonne.
2. I have a million things to accomplish today.

Correct Spellings
1. believe / beleive
2. advisable / adviseable

True or False:
1. A complete subject will have the simple subject and all the words that modify it. (the loud thunder)
2. A compound subject has one or more simple subjects. (has 2 or more simple

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