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Why not get your kids efficient on their language skills? Great resource for language for the 8th grade teacher.

1. I need to ensure/insure them that I won’t be late for work again or I
will lose my job.
2. The smoke was about to envelop /envelope the house, but thankfully
the fire fighters arrived in time to save it.

Correct the sentence:
1. abnormally dry conditions have crept northward through the Great Lakes region in recent weeks
2. Strawberry vanilla mocha cherry and butterscotch are the flavors of ice cream available this week

Parts of Speech Find the conjunctions in the sentences:
1. I am wise because I have lived a long time.
2. Not all people are wise, though that won’t surprise you.

Idiom or Hyperbole:
1. He runs faster than the wind.
2. These shoes are killing me.

Correct Spellings
1. tomorrow / tomorrow
2. twelth / twelfth

True or False:
1.You and your are examples of third-person personal pronouns. (their, its, him, they, you is a second-person personal pronoun.)
2.An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun.

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