Sample Conflict Prompts for Teachers Worksheets
Sample Conflict Prompts for Teachers()

Sample Conflict Prompts for Teachers

Sample Conflict Prompts for Teachers For Google Apps

Sample Conflict Prompts for Teachers

Here are some prompts you can use to work with students to resolve conflict:
Use the following prompts/statements to complete the various conflict resolution handouts or for writing or use them for role play activities where appropriate.

How does the ability to resolve conflicts affect friendships? School? Family life?
Discuss the importance of listening when involved in conflict.
Conflict can result in positive outcomes. Why is this?
What is the difference between conflict and bullying?
Describe a win/win, a win/lose and a lose/lose outcome.
Why is it important to acknowledge conflict and talk through it?
A friend keeps saying, what’s the point, you never listen anyways. How do you respond?
What do you say when somebody says ‘You must be stupid, I’ve told you 100 times
how to do it.”
Why is the strategy of ignoring not always helpful?
Why is it important to have an open mind when trying to resolve a conflict?
How can humor help in resolving conflict?
How can you address name calling?
Your friends want to leave the school yard at lunch which isn’t allowed and they really want you to join them, how do you handle this?
You have become friends with a new girl at school but your other friends don’t like her because she wears older, not in style clothes. How do you handle this?
Your friends are all going to the show but didn’t include or invite you. How do you handle this?
Your sibling grabbed the remote and changed the channel on you, you’re furious but nobody is at home except the two of you.
You receive a message on social media that puts down your good friend.
A new student arrives and your friends are making fun of his accent.
During group work, your friend blurts out ‘Oh come on, that idea is just ridiculous’. Your other friend is embarrassed and hurt and is no longer collaborating in the group.
What is the hardest conflict you’ve been involved in? Why was that?

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