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Prompts For Teachers to Use()

Prompts For Teachers to Use

Conflict resolution prompts for teachers:
From your point of view, tell me what happened or what is the worst thing that happened if you need to shorten the conversation.
We are meeting to find a remedy not to find fault. We all need to be part of the solution.
Conflict is owned by its creators who also need to own the solution, let’s work on that solution.
We are here to solve problems, not to blame and not to cause bad feelings.
For a starting point, explain to me exactly how you see the situation. I will be asking each
individual involved the same question.
What started the issue, why do you think that?
Who has this had an impact on? Why ?
Why are you not stepping up to your part in this conflict?
Silence doesn’t solve problems, I need to hear from you.
I know this is of concern, what are you not telling me?
I hear a number of concerns here, let’s write them down and prioritize them.
What evidence would support what you are saying?
If we’re are going to get to the bottom of this, we need to focus on a solution. Let’s talk about some
What needs to change or happen differently?
Solutions require everyone to commit from everyone involved. How will you commit?
This sounds like a misunderstanding, there has been too much mis-information. We need to start over.
We will focus on the facts, we will not jump to conclusions and we will not interrupt one another.
There are always points of view, I have your side and your point of view, can you think a bit about the
other point of view and tell me what that might be.
We learn by listening, let’s listen to what each person has to say.
You listened without interrupting, that was very respectful.
You’ve been honest with each other, let’s keep this up.
Remind students to avoid using the word ‘you’, stick to using the word ‘I’. For instance, instead of
using “You weren’t being fair to me.” Use: “I felt, you weren’t being fair to me because…..
Your behaviors toward each other are disruptive, we need to determine a strategy to work together and avoid the negative impact it is having.
We’ve talked about many options, let’s determine our best possible solution.

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