Compound Interest Worksheet 06 Worksheets
Compound Interest Worksheet 06()

Compound Interest Worksheet 06

Compound Interest Worksheet 06 For Google Apps

Compound Interest Worksheet 06

Compound interest word problem printables with answers. Sample questions:

1. How much interest is earned on $103 at 5% compounded semiannually for three years?
2. If the balance at the end of eight years on an investment of $903 that has been invested at a rate of 4% compounded semiannually is $1,239.63, how much was the interest?
3. How much principal must be invested to earn $158.81 in five years at an interest rate of 5%
compounded semiannually?
4. You take out a loan for $501 at an interest rate of 7% compounded semiannually for one year. What is the total amount that you will have at the end of the one year?

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