Colon or Semicolon Worksheets
Colon or Semicolon()

Colon or Semicolon

Examples of the colon or the semicolon in worksheets with answers.
4th and 5th grade grammar worksheets.
I have a dental appointment on Wednesday at 2:00 PM.
Bob ate the pizza; Jane at the burgers.
I went to the cottage; my sister went to the zoo.
The restaurant served the type of food we all like: pasta.
The speech was stellar: creative, informative and well presented.
I went to the library; it was closed.
Tomorrow will start out sunny; however, rain is expected by the
I am sick: I need some Tylenol.
To Whom It May Concern:
Jay made a dental appointment; he lost a tooth when the puck hit him.
I need the following groceries: milk, bread, juice, and butter.
I have one goal: to win the race.

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