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Colon Worksheet()

Colon Worksheet

Examples of how colons are used:
We have two choices now: pay the amount in cash, or put it on the credit card.
The research speaks volumes: cancer is linked to cigarette smoking.
A bat is nocturnal: it is active at night.
They have finalized the results: The winner is Clark.
On their holidays, they went to the following cities: Toronto, Paris, Chicago, and Rome.
To make rice crispy squares, you need the following:
marshmallows, rice crispies, and butter.
I know how I?m going to tackle this: I?m going to study all night!
Remember: If you don?t study, you can?t ace the exam.
My final answer still stands: ?No!?
The speeches will be judged according to four criteria:
creativity, presentation, audience engagement, and topic knowledge.

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