Cloze Activity 3-6 Worksheets
Cloze Activity 3-6()

Cloze Activity 3-6

Cloze Activity 3-6 For Google Apps

Cloze Activity 3-6

Third grade reading worksheet. Great resource for the teacher or homeschooler wanting to evaluate comprehension and sentence structure.

Can you please ___________ and finish it today?
The picture of the clown made me _______.
___________, it is going to be rainy but still hot.
If you are __________ you will make many friends.
You need to eat your dinner if you want to ___________.
If __________ I had a good singing voice.
____________ on to me, or you will fall in the ditch.
You will go __________ if you complete your education.
The movie is ____________ a boy and his horse.
_________ your feet under your own chair.

Choice of answers
laugh grow far hold only keep today about kind try

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