Cloze Worksheet 2-9 Worksheets
Cloze Worksheet 2-9()

Cloze Worksheet 2-9

Cloze Worksheet 2-9 For Google Apps

Cloze Worksheet 2-9

Looking for a language sheet to test comprehension. Use this free worksheet for your grade two class.
The lady __________ to feed the birds all the time.
_____________ remember your manner when you eat.
The _________ dress looked great on her.
_______boys look very much like their mother.
Gabe _________ an old penny in his yard.
Winters in Canada are very __________ and damp.
Stop running so __________ or you will fall.
___________ grandpa used to own a huge farm.
Stop talking while eating ___________ you will choke.
___________ you leave your wagon at the park again?

Answers to choose
don't or green their cold fast goes found always both

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