Cloze Worksheet 2-8 Worksheets
Cloze Worksheet 2-8()

Cloze Worksheet 2-8

Cloze Worksheet 2-8 For Google Apps

Cloze Worksheet 2-8

Printable for grade 2 students. Free cloze exercise for your kids to practice their comprehension skills.
__________ your hat down over your ears.
Mila came with ____________our cottage last week.
What _________your dad do for a living?
__________ did Sam not come swimming yesterday?
Get _________ dad to fix the bell on your bike.
Do your print with your ___________ or left hand?
___________black boots are too big for her.
Did you ________ the covers up over your head?
___________ family is going to move to Toronto.
The dog was running __________ in his yard.

Answers to choose
your around right these why pull us its their does

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