Cloze Worksheet 2-7 Worksheets
Cloze Worksheet 2-7()

Cloze Worksheet 2-7

Cloze Worksheet 2-7 For Google Apps

Cloze Worksheet 2-7

This free worksheet is a good one to put in your literacy sentence. Your grade 2's will read the sentence and fill in the word that completes it so it makes sense.
Angel was __________sad that she finished last.
He placed the books __________ the chair.
Alice _________ me a small piece of her donut.
You may have only _________ candies.
___________ hat belongs to that old man?
_____________forget to take your homework with you.
The bird began to _________when it rained.
The girl took __________on her new bike.
__________ you leave, shut the door.
Ellis _________ her bed before going to school.

very, made, gave, which, upon, sing, off, before, five, don't

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