Cloze Worksheet 2-6 Worksheets
Cloze Worksheet 2-6()

Cloze Worksheet 2-6

Cloze Worksheet 2-6 For Google Apps

Cloze Worksheet 2-6

Which word fits in these second grade level sentences? Test your kids on comprehension using this free exercise.

______________ friends showed up for the party.
The little girl ___________her lost cat.
___________me when you are ready to go to school.
The baby learned to __________ up this morning.
___________ me about your trip to the zoo.
Where did you ________ that beautiful dress?
The ___________blank gift was having lunch with you.
I ____________really like to come with you.
___________ your hands before you eat your dinner.
Has it ___________ a long time since he left?

would, call, wash, been, tell, many, best, found, sit, by

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