Cloze Worksheet 2-10 Worksheets
Cloze Worksheet 2-10()

Cloze Worksheet 2-10

Cloze Worksheet 2-10 For Google Apps

Cloze Worksheet 2-10

This worksheet gives your 2nd graders practice doing cloze activities. It will give the teacher valuable information about their students comprehension skills. Digital form also available as a free resource in the google link.

Are you leaving for __________soon?
You need to ___________ your hands well with soap.
The ___________frog was sitting on a log.
Do you ___________ wear your hair in a bun?
The choir decided to __________a pop song.
Take your hat ___________ while you eat your lunch.
__________ you like to come to the park?
Go and put ___________ bike in the garage.
____________painting did you do yesterday?
Is that fox still sleeping ___________ at your house?

would, you, around, green, wash, off, work, always, which, sing

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