Cloze Worksheet 9 Worksheets
Cloze Worksheet 9()

Cloze Worksheet 9

Cloze Worksheet 9 For Google Apps

Cloze Worksheet 9

Use this exercise for your first graders to practice their Dolch words. Learning Dolch words helps them become better readers as they can use their energy to decipher the difficult words they don't know.

The bird could no longer __________.
The bat flew ___________ my head.
Do that question ____________.
_____________ is George coming over?
Do you want ___________ pizza?
_____________ kite is in the tree.
______ boy gets to play.
Get ___________apple for a snack.
Brush your teeth __________ you go to bed.
What do you _____________about the hot weather?

Answers to choose from.
his, some, when, then, an, over, every, think, again, fly

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