Circle Time Community Helpers Worksheets
Circle Time Community Helpers()

Circle Time Community Helpers

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Circle Time Community Helpers

You are already full of ideas on how to teach your kindergarten class about community and here are a few ideas to use at circle time to help them understand their community in an entertain manner. These activities are designed to be fun and educational. They will provide your students with memorable experiences that will deepen their understanding of their community.

Community Helper Guessing Game
Hold up pictures of different community helpers. Have students guess what helper the photo represents. Then discuss their role in the community.

Community Helpers Role-play
Provide props and costumes that community helpers would wear/use. Let others guess their roles. Discuss each helpers role in the community to keep it safe.

Community Bingo
Create a bingo grid representing helpers and places in the community. The first student to get a line or the full grid is the winner.

Community Mapping
Using a large sheet of paper complete a map of the community. Show schools, parks, and stores. Discuss each one and their importance to the community.

Community Sharing Circle
Allow each student to share what they like about their community or a positive experience they have had with a community helper. Encourage active listening and respect for the person speaking.

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