Bullying or Conflict Worksheet Worksheets
Bullying or Conflict Worksheet()

Bullying or Conflict Worksheet

There is a difference between bullying and conflict. It is important to determine the difference between bullying and conflict.

Conflict, stems from one or two isolated events and often happens when there is a difference of opinion or interest Peer conflilct is a part of school life. Bullying, on the other hand is a form of victimization, it is unfair, one sided and mean spirited.

Bullying has three distinct forms or different types: physical, verbal and social. Physical bullying is hitting, punching, grabbing, shoving, pushing, kicking and stealing. Verbal bullying is belittling, insulting, calling names, putting individuals down, intimidating, threatening, harassing and discrimination. Social bullying is gossiping, spreading rumours, excluding others, sneering, jeering and ignoring. Cyber bullying occurs through email, texting, messaging, images etc. and is always a form of verbal or social bullying. Bullying typically is a repeated behaviour over time.

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