Biome Facts and Map of Biomes Worksheets
Biome Facts and Map of Biomes()

Biome Facts and Map of Biomes

Biomes cover our earth. Everywhere you go, you are in a Biome. Scientists have divided our Earth into different regions named biomes. However, not all scientists agree on the number of biomes and we will focus on the six major biomes which are: Deserts, Grasslands, Deciduous Forests, Tropical Rainforests, Taiga, and the Tundra. Each biome has its own unique climate, plant and animal species. Each Biome has its own distinct community of weather, plants and animals who all adapt to their specific biome. Biomes are like ecological communities classified by both living and non living components. The main factors that determine the biome are latitude, altitude, soil, temperature, precipitation, sunlight, plants and animals.

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