Balanced and Unbalanced Worksheets
Balanced and Unbalanced()

Balanced and Unbalanced

This is a great sheet to evaluate your grade 4 class on balanced and unbalanced situations. Do they understand the difference between the two? Balanced forces occur when two forces push or pull in opposite directions and it results in no movement. Unbalanced forces occur when two forces push or pull and one is stronger than the other, and it results in movement. This exercise requires students to state if the scenario is balanced or unbalanced. Here are some situations they will find on this handout. A book sitting on a table. An arm wrestle and you won. A dog pulling on a dog toy with you and it’s a tie.  A birdhouse hanging on a tree. A tug of war with a team that fell down.  A hammer coming down on a 
nail. A cup sitting in a saucer.  A tennis ball going over the net.   A boy pushing on a boulder that won’t move. A bowling ball sing on the alley.  

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