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? Finish The Sentence
Have students sit in a circle.
Have an object for them to pass around (bean bag, stuffy...something easily held and passed along.)
Provide a sentence starter: I feel happy when……. I hope this year I………. I like learning best when…….
Pass the object to the first student who answers the question, once answered, the student passes the object to the next
student who then answers the question.
Once the round is completed, you can start another question or end the game.
If desired, you can tell a student to pass—this activity helps to build confidence and self esteem.
? Compound Word Partners
Using the task cards for compound words, distribute one to each child. Provide the children a few minutes to find the other
half of their compound word. This is a typical icebreaking activity.
? What is it?
Take an object—ruler, pen, stuffy…...something easily passed around.
Explain to the class that you can pretend this object is anything, mime what it is and the child that guesses it is next.
For instance, as I hold the ruler, I pretend to brush my hair (hairbrush) or I pretend to golf with it (golf club) …
Builds confidence and enhances creativity.
? Stand up, Sit down
This game works well when you speak quickly. As you state directions, the children either sit or stand.

“Stand up if you’re wearing blue” , “Sit down if you are wearing white”, Stand up if you have lace up shoes”, Sit down if you
walked to school today”, “Stand up if you had cereal for breakfast”, “Sit down if you had juice this morning”, Stand up if you
watched TV last night”, “Sit down if you woke up to an alarm”, “Stand up if you have a sister”, Sit down if you have a
brother”, “Stand up if you are on a team”, “Sit down if you have a cat”, Stand up if you have a dog”, Sit down if you have a
bike”, “Stand up if you read yesterday”, “Sit down if take music lessons”, “Stand up if you get an allowance”, Sit down if
you like strawberries”, “Stand up if you like chocolate”, “Sit down if math is your favorite subject”, Stand up if art is your
favorite subject”, “Sit down if you like pasta”.

You can keep this activity going as long as the students are engaged. This activity helps to burn some energy and helps
with listening and following directions.

? The Shopping Trip
The students should be sitting in a circle for this activity.
You explain that you’re going on a shopping trip and buying something. The first person buy something that starts with
an A, the second person buys something that starts with a B, each person has to say what was bought before them.
For Example: 1st student—I went shopping and I bought an Atlas. 2nd student: I went shopping and I bought an Atlas
and a ball. 3rd student: I went shopping and I bought an Atlas, a ball and carrots. 4th student: I went shopping and I bought
an Atlas, a ball, carrots and a donut.
You can choose to help the student out as it gets more difficult. Or after a pause, each student who provided the item can
say it for the student.
This activity helps with memory and promotes self esteem talking before the group.

All worksheets are created by experienced and qualified teachers. Send your suggestions or comments.