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Ask The Right Questions

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Ask The Right Questions

Journalism teaching activities for grades 7-10 in PDF and for the google classroom.

Innovative ELA teaching activity for news and media. Pretend your are a reporter and are writing an article on different scenarios. Providing concise information is important. What information is important to include?

Journalists and reporters have to ask questions to write their news. For each of the situations below, determine what questions you would ask:
An airplane crash and you are interviewing a person who was at the scene.

1 An earthquake and you are interviewing an individual who was there and survived the earthquake.

2 A serious crime and you are interviewing the police officer at the scene.

3 A new cure in the way of a vaccine for a disease was announced and you are talking to the spokes person at the research company who developed the cure.

4 You are interviewing a celebrity who made a very large donation to a needy charity.

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