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Writing Prompts April()

Writing Prompts April

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Writing Prompts April

Writing prompts give students a kick start to to their writing assignment. Sometimes students just don't know how to get started. These prompts will assist them in doing daily April writing activities.

Write about your favorite springtime adventure,
Imagine you were the Easter Bunny for a day. Write about the fun things you would do.
What is your favorite way to enjoy the sunshine in the spring?
Write a letter to a baby animal, welcoming them to the world,
If you could have any superpower to help nature, what would it be, and how would you use it?
Describe all the signs of spring around you.
Write a story about a friendly butterfly.
What is your favorite outdoor activity in the spring?
If you could go on a nature expedition, what would you explore?
Describe the sounds of rain on a spring day,
Write about a spring storm you experienced.
What do you like to do on a breezy spring afternoon?
If you could have a magical garden, what would it be like?
Describe your favorite springtime treat.
Write a letter to a tree, thanking it for providing shade and oxygen.
Describe your family's outdoor spring traditions and activities.
Describe a class trip your class could take in the spring.
What is your favorite way to celebrate Earth Day or Arbor Day?
Write a story about a rainy spring day and the fun you have indoors.
Write a persuasive letter to your teacher to allow the class to have a spring party.

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