Apostrophe-Rules, How to use the Apostrophe Worksheets
Apostrophe-Rules, How to use the Apostrophe()

Apostrophe-Rules, How to use the Apostrophe

This is a great poster to hang in your classroom. It will be a constant reminder of when to use an apostrophe.
The apostrophe has 2 functions: One is to show possession/ownership and the other is to show omission of letters or words.
Sometimes a name ending on an s is given an apostrophe instead of an additional s and apostrophe as seen in the name Amos, typically both are correct. Add an apostrophe to the end of plural nouns that end in s as in more than 1 hat: Boys’ hats or Players’ uniforms. An apostrophe is used in contractions when a word or letter(s) is missing: Don’t go outside. (Do not) or I’ll finish my homework later. (I will – I’ll). Practice using the apostrophe with the worksheets found here to improve your understanding of apostrophes. These worksheets can be used with learners at any age who need some review on how to use the apostrophe. Keep this rule print out handy.

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