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Tracker for Anger Management

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Tracker for Anger Management

There are many types of behaviour tracking. Find the one that works best for your student. Some work better than others depending on the student. It is also important how to use the tracking effectively. This printable will give you the method of how to use a tracking sheet successfully as well as a tracking sheet. This one tracks both positive and negative behaviour on a daily basis. How many points did they get? Is it better than the points they achieved last week? Send it home for parents to see.

How to use a tracker.

Determine the desired behaviors (When stressed—take a 5 min. time out, ignore people who frustrate me, use a squeezy until I calm, remove myself to a quiet corner.

Keep the tracker visible, taped on the corner of desk or readily available in front on journal book or in a clear sleeve on desk.

When the child self directs to a time out, or uses a squeezy or puts head down, provide a point under the day of the week. For a negative behavior, provide a point near the bottom.

Set a goal for points and an incentive to reach those points. Send the tracker home at the end of each week (keep a tally) for parents to observe and help modify the targeted behavior.

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