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Learn to Negotiate

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Learn to Negotiate

When we negotiate we have discussion with others and try to come up with a compromise. Negotiating is a life skill and when practice can become a valuable quality. Role playing with your students is a great way to get better at it. This printable gives you ideas for role playing at learning to be a good negotiator. Go over what effective negotiating is and then let your students try these different scenarios.

Most situations that lead to anger could be resolved with effective negotiation. To negotiate effectively, try the following:

1 Maintain good body language, eye contact and listening skills.
2. Let each side clarify their position or wants by using I statements
3. Ask for a compromise and be prepared to compromise
4. Discuss a win/win situation where both individuals agree on settling
Role play the following situations using your negotiation skills:

Both individuals want the same item.
One individual took your device to play with without asking and doesn’t want to give it back
Both individuals can’t agree on which show to watch
One individual won’t let you participate in group work
Somebody knocked an item of yours over and won’t pick it up
Somebody is excluding you from something you want to do
You were lied to and your friend is denying it
Rude things are being said about you by your friend on social media
You got into trouble for something you did not do
Your friend keeps yelling and insulting you
You both want the same device
You are getting a new pet but your sibling wants a dog and you want a cat. You can’t get both.
You broke your siblings favorite toy and your sibling is very mad.

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